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SoCal Belly Tank Automotive Art by Etienne Franzak French Sculptor Artist

Craftman . Sculptor

" We start ageing when we finish learning "

Wood speaks to me!

I am in my workshop with all these species of trees, these smells, these different woodgrain and I am learning. One thing is obvious , I'll never be finished learning with this organic material.

An economist by training, it was around the age of 30 that I decided to focus a know-how which has been already flowing in my veins : Cabinet-Making.


From a young age, it is alongside my father that I observe, I assimilate and I learn to work with my hands. After my apprenticeship carried out within the Superior School of Cabinetmaking in Barcelonnette I decided to create something distinctly personal.

The idea behind my sculpture arises from inspirations which have telescoped in my head. Classic racing car, old wooden boat, not to mention war aviation as well.


I wanted to build a wooden car body incorporating the techniques of designing a boat hull. The encounter with a Riva boat on the Iseo lake in Italy on board of my mahogany canoe from the 50s left traces. Which was only a challenge in the execution of a know-how , subsequently became my signature.

I have a certain vision of craftsmanship: I dont work on 3D drawings but simply with a sheet and a pen. The manual tool remains a priority in my work. Based in the French Alps, this environment entertain my vision of craftsmanship.

Everything starts with an idea
And the idea determines the execution

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Etienne Franzak Ebeniste Woodworker Cabinet Maker
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