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Lotus 25 - Automotive Art Sculpture of Etienne Franzak

handcrafted wood coachwork

Automotive Sculpture

When art and creation take over utility
The elegance of a dress that covers the usual

Bugatti Type 59 Grand Prix - Automotive Art by Etienne Franzak – French Sculptor

Heritage  Main industrial heritage of the 20th century, the automobile is not only a daily object but also a cultural object. Like the horse-drawn carriage before it, the automobile is synonymous with pageantry, ostentation and staging of the self. The exterior cladding naturally becomes a support for creation, giving human genius the opportunity to express himself.

Because the history of artisanal bodywork is linked to the history of means of transport and of the decorative arts, the coachbuilder through his sense of observation and proportions is an artist. The relationship to the material is direct, his know-how involves the hand, the handiwork and his sense of aesthetics going deep, intimate.

Porsche 550 Spyder - Automotive Art Sculpture bby Etienne Franzak

Inspired    Long remained the main material in car bodywork, wood is gradually being replaced with the arrival of steel in the field. The framework inherited from the harnessed cars was kept for a time, and the skeleton was then dressed by these "Great designers of the automobile". They have a new way to express themselves.

My work is inspired by this heritage; by placing the wood material back in the foreground, the grain feeds the aesthetics of the line. The knowledge of different techniques of automobile joinery, marine carpentry and cabinetmaking help me to shape an all-wood body.

Here is my vision of automotive art, unique wood sculpture made by hand.

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Etienne Franzak
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